Introducing HIVE's First Portfolio Company of 2015: CodeFights

HIVE recently completed an investment in a popular young company, CodeFights, based in California. The team, led by cofounders Tigran Sloyan, Felix Desroches, and Aram Shatakhtshyan, has built an exciting platform whereby coders and developers can test their skills while competing against one another.

Codefights lets players challenge others around the world to find out who the best developers are. Fighters are ranked on a scoreboard of top developers that takes into account wins and losses, learning from past mistakes, and difficulty of tasks performed.

Users can track and measure their performances with built-in analytics and see how their programming skills compare to others. Codefighters also get coins for solving challenges and can use those coins to join tournaments, buy boosters and much more. More badges means a better coder's profile.

In the near future, Codefights plans to hire in Armenia to expand their platform and bring coding challenges to the rest of the world.

With tens of thousands of users so far, HIVE is excited to welcome Codefights to our portfolio family and can’t wait to see what they accomplish over the next few years.