A chat with the cofounder of Armenia-based startup SoloLearn

HIVE recently spoke with Yeva Hyusyan, the cofounder of SoloLearn, a popular mobile and tablet e-learning platform based in Armenia. She and her cofounder David Kocharyan are working to build an advanced platform for job skill development that fits right in a user’s pocket.

Check out the Q&A below to learn more about SoloLearn and how the team is benefitting from the growing startup ecosystem in Armenia.

Can you briefly explain how SoloLearn works?

SoloLearn today is a series of gamified educational apps that enable you to learn a skill of your choice at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.  It combines the best available video content with interactive quizzes and checkpoints to ensure retention of information and an engaging experience.  The user feedback we’ve received so far shows that the teaching methodology that was put together by our experts works as people actually learn and enjoy this type of learning.   

What problem does SoloLearn address and how do you solve it?

We realized that in today’s world learning a new skill can be time-consuming, expensive, and not fun or easy.  At the same time, the demand for skills-based creative jobs has increased substantially. The world needs programmers, photographers, creative marketers, and simply people that know how to do things, be it a make-up professional or a restaurant manager.  

SoloLearn aims to make learning easy, affordable, accessible and fun. The vision is to create a community of motivated learners that don’t only learn a new skill but also to use our platform for knowledge sharing and communication.

When did you start developing SoloLearn and when did it launch?

We started development last summer and launched the first two apps in September. Since then, we have released a number of major updates and added new courses covering programming, photography, Photoshop, digital marketing and other topics.

What makes your startup unique compared to others in the education space?

There is a large number of new educational technology startups entering the market these days.  However, we believe that education is and will always remain a niche market supplying diversified content through multiple methodologies that learners can choose from. So what makes SoloLearn unique in this trending industry?  Probably its focus on providing a free mobile-optimized learning experience to its community in an interactive way. 

At the same time, we are working hard to be able to bring real community engagement into the platform as we believe that the network and the community is what makes the educational experience successful and special.

How many users have you seen so far and how is your growth?

We have had over 150,000 installs so far and an average monthly growth of 30% in the last three months.  In the same period, the number of active users has doubled twice due to improved UI & UX and new course releases.

Where are you based and what markets are you targeting?

We are incorporated in the U.S., however, operations are primarily performed in Armenia.  Currently, our users come from all over the world as we have been growing organically without any paid promotion. The main target market at the moment is the English-speaking audience, however, we are considering localization of the apps for non-English speaking markets as well.

Why did you decide to build your startup in Armenia?

Well, first of all we are from Armenia. If we weren’t though, we believe there are some evident advantages of being here. First and foremost is the availability of extremely talented engineers and content creators. Another advantage is the rapid growth of the tech startup scene in Armenia that makes you feel part of a large and growing community that is definitely capable of making a difference in the world.

What's the next step for SoloLearn?

While we are continuously adding new features and courses, our main focus remains creating additional value for our growing community.  So stay tuned for future updates from SoloLearn!