Lionsharp’s Voiceboard Featured on Forbes

Armenia-based Lionsharp Solutions, one of HIVE’s portfolio companies, was recently featured on Forbes, announcing their upcoming Voiceboard technology. The piece dives in to their growth in Armenia and their upcoming presentation tool based on the XBox Kinect.

Voiceboard will  turn stale PowerPoint lectures into engaging presentations via interactive visuals and voice-controlled transitions. As one of the most promising startups coming out of Armenia, Lionsharp is gaining momentum as it expands its team and gets ready to launch Voiceboard later this year.

As mentioned in the piece, “Entrepreneurship can come from all places. And just as Skype launched Estonia into the forefront of technological start-up innovation, a new company based primarily in Armenia hopes to bring the Caucasus start-up scene into the global spot-light.

If it succeeds in doing so, it could spell an end to Powerpoint: nobody’s favourite presentation tool. “

Check out the full article on Forbes here.