HIVE Invests in Armenian Startup Wakie

HIVE is very excited to announce our new investment in Wakie, a quickly growing startup that first launched in Russia. Wakie is the fastest way to find someone to discuss any question you might have, from practicing a language to asking someone to simply cheer you up. You can input any query and someone will call you anonymously to give you an answer. 

Wakie first began as a self-described “social alarm clock” whereby users could call each other anonymously to wake each other up, instead of relying on a typical alarm clock. The quirky idea quickly caught fire as the talented team of brothers, Tatul & Hrachik Adjamyan, has expanded Wakie to other countries, reaching over 2M downloads, 500k of which are in the US.

With their new focus on the US market, the team is expanding their focus on anonymous calling on any topic, which is quickly gaining traction. The fact that users must use a voice call instead of messaging anonymously is unique to Wakie’s offering, making for more focused and time-limited interactions to keep quality high and safe.

HIVE will work with Wakie as they open up a home base in the US over the next year. Their new range of features will make for an interesting few months of testing and we look forward to watching Wakie scale even further.

To try Wakie out for yourself, download the app on iOS, Android, or Windows.

We are excited to welcome Wakie to the HIVE family and can’t wait to see where their talented global team takes the app next.