Announcing the HIVE Pitch Competition at the HyeTech Showcase

We are very excited to host the HIVE Pitch Competition during the HyeTech Showcase on April 9th, for visiting Armenian founders participating in the Entrepreneur Immersion Program. Alongside sponsoring the event, we will be offering investment to a top startup pitching in the competition.

Competing startup founders are fling in to California from Armenia for a week of workshops and networking opportunities in LA and Silicon Valley to tackle topics such as product market fit, fundraising, and guerrilla marketing. After a week of informative sessions designed to help them hone their products, the teams will be on display at the HyeTech Showcase on Saturday, April 9th.

Their fast-paced program will culminate in the HIVE Pitch Competition during the afternoon of the Showcase, where all ten teams will share a brief pitch and answer questions from the judges. Out of the top teams, HIVE will select one for an investment of up to $50,000 to grow their startup.

“This is a huge opportunity for Armenian founders to not only be exposed to the resources, culture and networks of Silicon Valley, but to pitch for an investment that could help take their startup to the next level,” says Nina Achadjian, Partner at HIVE.

Upon receiving investment, the HIVE team will work to support the selected startup founders by offering resources to scale, including access to advisors, talent, operational support, and connections in the Valley and around the globe.

We look forward to working with all of the visiting startup teams to craft their pitches before the event and to following them as they return to Armenia and continue to build exciting new technologies.

Stop by our table at the Showcase Exhibition to learn more about how HIVE supports Armenian entrepreneurs around the globe!

To register for the HyeTech Showcase, click here.

Image from the Showcase website.