How to Build the Perfect Pitch Deck

When pitching to investors, be they angels, accelerators, venture capital funds, or HIVE specifically, you should always have an up-to-date “pitch deck” on hand and ready to share.

It is crucial to get this first impression of your offering right when searching for funding, partners, or advisors. A pitch deck should be a clear and concise presentation, detailing why your startup solves a relevant problem, how it provides a unique opportunity for investors, and how you plan to accomplish your goals.

As a seed investor who receives numerous applications for investment, we have put together a sample startup pitch deck to help the HIVE community to better understand what a potential investor needs to see when evaluating your offering.

Our recommendations for an ideal deck can be found below. Some funds may look for other specific details, but below are the basics you should prepare when looking to secure new investors:

There are slight tweaks you can make to your deck depending on what type of startup you are presenting, but there are a core set of key indicators we look for when hearing pitches.

Generally, your deck should be between 12-15 slides. Any more and investors may lose interest, any less and investors likely won’t get a strong enough sense for what makes your startup special.

Once your deck is complete, run it by your advisors and see if there are any gaps they see that are worth adding to your presentation. At HIVE, we’re always happy to help Armenian entrepreneurs craft strong pitch decks.

If you have completed your deck and are looking for someone else to look it over or give feedback, feel free to send it to us to review.