Ron Weissman's Tips for Armenian Entrepreneurs

In August, the HIVE team met with Band of Angels investor Ron Weissman. For those of you that don’t know Ron, he is a seasoned angel investor in Silicon Valley. He has an amazing knack for rephrasing a startup’s elevator pitch in less than 30 seconds. He’s developed this skill, as well as many others, through his years of evaluating startups. Let’s just put it this way, he’s probably seen more deals than you can imagine!

We attended his VC Taskforce: The Perfect Pitch Workshop, a similar presentation to the one he gave in Armenia with Roger Strauch in November of 2015.

We wanted to get his perspective on Armenian entrepreneurs to connect you to the knowledge in the Valley. We asked Ron,

What is your top advice for Armenian entrepreneurs?”

  1. When launching a startup in Armenia that you plan to scale (not just a local play), one needs to do a global search on the competition.

  2. There’s not (yet) much follow-on capital in the region. One needs to plan for expansion to Europe, Russia or the US for follow-on capital.

  3. While technical excellence and interesting applications are critical, so is a business model.