HIVE’s Investment Criteria and How to Apply

Now that we have announced HIVE’s new Seed Fund, we want to tell you more about what that means for startups. HIVE is focusing its efforts on investing in Armenian entrepreneurs around the world. This doesn’t mean we simply provide capital and leave a team alone. We want to partner with each of the teams we support to take them to the next level. We believe this is a more impactful model for a startup and for the Armenian tech ecosystem as a whole.

Since we are based in San Francisco, we are in the unique position of being able to provide access and resources found in Silicon Valley to entrepreneurs and companies in Armenia itself. We do this through equity investment, connecting portfolio teams with expert Advisors and mentors, and finding relevant connections and partners for the teams we work with. We are also developing a program to support each team operationally through training, founder events, and clear milestones monitored by our team and Advisors.

As mentioned on our philosophy page, HIVE invests in Armenian entrepreneurs anywhere around the globe. Companies we support are usually in the early stage and have a testable product and a proven model with metrics. We encourage our teams to hire in Armenia, and help them to do so. We believe startup job creation is key to Armenia’s economic growth and sustainability.

Startups in our portfolio should have some sort of key technology component that differentiates them from others in a market. Their products should also have the ability to scale, outside of one city, one country, or even one region.

Check out some of our current portfolio companies to get a sense of who we work with.


We welcome founders to apply for HIVE investment anytime and from anywhere. After reviewing your application, we will determine if your startup meets our portfolio criteria and then will reach out for a pitch with one of our team members. Please have a pitch deck prepared upon request.

After this initial pitch, we will decide if your team is a good fit for our portfolio and will follow up by scheduling another pitch to begin our due diligence process. Once diligence is done and the investment is approved by our board, we will finalize the agreement. Decisions are usually made within three to four weeks of initial application receipt.

If you’re interested in learning more about our investment philosophy and criteria, visit our philosophy page.

To submit an application for your startup, click here. We look forward to working with you and your startup!

If your team does not meet our criteria today, or is not selected to join our portfolio, we still want to support you by helping you find a mentor, relevant connections, other funding sources, or new team members. Let us know how we can support your team on our contact page.